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Spring 2024

Kathy Hooper’s Mountains of Wonder and Tangles of Truth, Jericho Knopp
Editorial, Shannon Webb-Campbell
William Robinson’s Pitchpole, Tori Fleming
Lucas Morneau’s Queer Newfoundland Hockey League, Maeve Hanna
Atlantic Ballet’s Pisuwin: A Wolastoqiyik Story, Shannon Webb-Campbell
Arjun Lal’s Leather Bar in Bangalore, Rajee Paña Jejishergill

Tyshan Wright:Maroon Town, Morgan Mullin
Log on to the World of Marissa Sean Cruz, Brody Weaver
Séamus Gallagher’s Candy-Coated Universe, Morgan Mullin
Soil Body, Lenka Tomlinson
The Art of Mi’kmaw Basketry, Shannon Webb-Campbell

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Fall 2023


EDITORIAL by Shannon Webb-Campbell



Marla Beneton’s From Table to Wall and Gracia Isabel Gómez Cantoya’s Rosa Mexicano by Emma FitzGerald


Guillaume Desrosiers Lépine’s Écrans/Screens Never-Ending Story by Emilie Grace Lavoie




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Summer 2023

Ji Hyang Ryu’s Culture Bridge / Kara Au

Editorial: Summer Gothic / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Tropical Gothic / Wren Tian

Jenny Yujia Shi 施雨迦’s Hopefully, I’ll remember, and Kayza DeGraff-Ford’s cross-rhythms of not yet and no longer / Cinthia Arias Auz

Jessie Fraser’s I Hope You Are Both Well / Carley Mullally

Building A Home for Performance Art in NB: the Ongoing Legacy of PERFform / Amy Ash

Jennifer Green’s Flaxmobile Weaves Linen from Soil and Place / Jolee Smith

CRAFTS___SHIP / Shannon Webb-Campbell in conversation with Carley Mullally, Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey and Inbal Newman

Alex Antle’s Njikam (My Younger Brother) / Emily Critch

Rebecca Delle Monache’s AQUA / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Emilie Grace Lavoie’s Times are Hard for Dreamers / Kate Giles

Children of Fogo Island / Kate Lahey

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Spring 2023

History, Heritage, and Home in the Quilt-making of Alfreda Smith / Shauntay Grant

Editorial: Craft / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Adaptive Practices / Julie Rosvall

Artist and Farmer Megan Samms creates Live Textiles / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Emily Lawrence’s Food Dreams / Julie Hollenbach

Heavy Momentum Arts Atlantic Symposium / Kara Au

Camila Salcedo and deniree isabel’s lived in room: objects frozen in time / Liuba Gonzalez de Armas

Kelsey Street’s Weaving Back and Forth / Jane Walker

Threadbare / Caleb Freeman

Dreaming beyond place, beyond taboo / Sally Wolchyn-Faab in conversation with Nasim Makaremi Nia

Matthew-Robin Nye’s Goodnight Moon: A Rhythm, A Tempo / Kate Giles

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Fall 2022

Deanna Musgrave’s Transcendence / Kara Au
Editorial / Shannon Webb-Campbell
Sheilah ReStack’s Control Is Cassandra / Annick MacAskill
Jared Betts’ Prismatic Paintings / Kathleen Buckley
Glitter & Magic / Maeve Hanna
Miya Turnbull’s Self-Portrait Mask Art / Clare Goulet
Collective Intricacies / Yakosu Umana
Radiant Rural Halls / Norah Pendergast
it comes in waves / Melissa Spohr Weiss
Larry Weyand’s Every Bathroom I Have Bathed in 1995-2020 / Amanda Shore
Beyond the Gallery / Cinthia Arias Auz

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Summer 2022

Sisterhood Bound by Quills / Tara Francis

Editorial / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Mi’kmaq/Wampanoag Potter Nancy Oakley / Emily Shaw

Craft inspires a new Atlantic Vernacular / Maegen Black

Eryn Foster’s A Proposition of Organisms / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Nic Wilson’s Learn Spelling / Christiana Myers

STAYING at The Blue Building Gallery / Maeve Hanna

Balancing Visibility and Indeterminacy / Liuba Gonzalez de Armas

Kristina Søbstad’s Pigmented Perceptions / Emily Pittman

The Baroness Elsa Project at Owens Art Gallery / Amy Ash

The Past Informs the Future Shannon Webb-Campbell in conversation with Tyshan Wright

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Spring 2022

Arjun Lal’s Fruits of the Forest /  Wren Tian-Morris 天琳琳 and francesca ekwuyasi

Editorial: Connection / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Folded Spaces & Found Places – la représentation identitaire de Mario LeBlanc / Emilie Grace Lavoie

The Lake Nipissing Beading Project / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Creating Connections at the Disability Atlantic Arts Symposium / Amelia Bailey

Radical Hope in Shary Boyle Outside the Palace of Me / Kate Lahey

Lou Sheppard and William Robinson I want to be a seashell/ I want to be a mold/ I want to be a spirit / Cinthia Arias Auz

Doug Dumais: Ephemeral Endurance / Austin Henderson

Ta’n A’sikatikl Sipu’l | Confluence & Nelson White’s Tukien / Tiffany Morris

A Place to Practice: Wonder’neath Art Society / Sadie Bills

Wildhood / Bretten Hannam and Shannon Webb-Campbell in Conversation

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Fall 2021

Ursula Johnson’s ITHA: The Livingroom / Amy Ash

Editorial / Shannon Webb-Campbell

What the Ocean Remembers / Eva Crocker

Photographer Ethan Murphy’s Cabin Fever / Andrew Sampson

TOIL HERE: Artworks from rural Mi’kma’ki / Maeve Hanna

F*ck Resilience, Give Me Joy / Sally Wolchyn-Raab

Carley Mullally Transforms Marine Debris / Julian Covey

HOST / Kara Au

Bonavista Biennale 2021 / Emily Pittman

Archival Futurism: Rita Malik’s On Being Brown / Merray Gerges

Crow Gulch: Q&A with Jordan Bennett and Marcus Gosse / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Art in the Open / Maeve Hanna

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Summer 2021

Life in Silos, Art, Work and Motherhood / Jane Walker

Editorial: Solitude / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Faune Ybarra’s Archive of Embodied Displacement / Emily Critch

Self, Alone: an illustration / Colleen MacIsaac

2482 Maynard: The Blue Building / Shannon Webb-Campbell

Silver Linings: Karen Stenaford on Process and Placehood / Amy Ash

Revisioning the Confederation Centre Art Gallery / Jane Affleck

Tactics for Staying Home in Uncertain Times / Erin Riehl

Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis’ How To Be At Home / Tori Fleming

Brandon Hoax’s Desire for Solitude / Cinthia Arias Auz

Solo Summer Reads / Shannon Webb-Campbell

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Spring 2021

Sustenance: A Call to Action /  Carrie Allison

Editorial: Sustenance /  Shannon Webb-Campbell

Reaching Back, Projecting Us Forward My Cousins’ Cousin / Emily Critch

Drawing Motherhood’s Realities In Conversation with Tori Fleming and Julia Hutt

Real Life Is Unappetizing A Review of Fruit Salad / Kara Au

Jessy Watson Yearns for Connection / Cinthia Arias Auz

Artist Pages: Les Baby Blues / Annie France Noël

Barbara Pratt CAKE / Jane Walker

Give Me Shelter / Philippa Jones

Shannon Webb-Campbell in Conversation with Francesca Ekwuyasi

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FALL 2020


POC Resilience and Resistance Brings Magic to the World: Wren Tian Morris / By Francesca Ekwuywasi

Editorial: Change / By Shannon Webb-Campbell

Unsettling Settler Possession / By Julie Hollenbach & Carla Taunton

Worlding the Pluriverse / By Amy Ash

Attending the Apocalypse / By Jared Peters

Artist pages: Ritual Objects for Disordered and Displaced Bodies / By Lux Habrich

Taking Care / By Sally Wolchyn-Raab

Sandi Hartling anything at all / By Becka Viau

Vanishing Act / By Adam Myatt

Melissa Tremblett’s Reprise / By Shannon Webb-Campbell

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Memory of Roadside Flowers/ Care and Kinship in the Work of Emily Critch / By Kate Lahey

Gillian Dykeman’s Art Activates Agency / By Julia McMillan

Editorial: Labour / By Shannon Webb-Campbell

Labour Before Labour / By Tori Fleming

Amy Ash Embodies Collage / By Kathleen Buckley

Weaponizing Precarity: An Interview with RM Vaughan / By Jessica Arsenault

Michelle MacKinnon’s Years of Magical Realism / By Jane Walker

Artist Pages: Séamus Gallagher

Sarah Mihara Creagen’s Body Work / By Penelope Smart

Shawn O’Hagan’s Intuitive Stitching / Interview by Robyn Love

Gut Feeling / Review by Amanda Shore

Memorial: Work by Venezuelan Diaspora Artists / Review by Cinthia Arias Auz

Harbour / Review by Shannon Webb-Campbell

Megan Kyak-Monteith’s Community Labour / By Jessica Wiebe

Listening to Silence / Review by Sonja Boon

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Seeking Shelters: Lacey Decker Hawthorne / Profile by Geordie Miller

Architecture / Editorial by Shannon Webb-Campbell

Altantic Art-chitecture / Feature by Jericho Knopp

Relocation by “Renoviction” / Feature by Amanda Shore

On Bodies in Space: Angela Henderson & Melanie Colosimo / Interview by Sally Wolchin-Raab

From Landscape to Third Space / Feature by Ben Peterson

Affective Architectures: Ethan Murphy / Review by Kate Lahey

SCAFFOLD: Nocturne 2019 / Review by Jessica Lynn Wiebe

Spring Exhibition Preview / Editor’s Picks

Remembering Africville / Review by Julian COvey

Living Lightly on the Earth / Review by Shannon Webb-Campbell

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FALL 2019


Keeping the Lights On: Will Gill, Pepa Chan, and Mike Gough / Feature by Jane Walker

Landscape Materiality / Editorial by Shannon Webb-Campbell

Rogue, Rebellious, Ill-behaved, Black. Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art / Review by Francesca Ekwuyasi

Flowing Into Bonavista Biennale / Feature by Jennifer McVeigh

Loving the Land that Created Me: Billy Gauthier’s Saunituinnaulungitotluni / Beyond Bone / Review by Kate Lahey

Cross-Cultural Creation Residency Breaks Barries in New Brunswick / Profile by Jericho Knopp

Facts About Quaking Aspen (For Graeme and Rita) / Poem by Bart Vatour

Bridget Moser’s This Poem Does Not Help Me At All / Review by Mollie Cronin

The Search for an Object’s Desire: KC Wilcox / Interview by Kara Au

found/held at Access Galley / Review by Sophia Bartholomew

Melissa Peter-Paul Honours Contemporary Quillwork in Epekwitk / Review by Becka Viau

Sovereign Acts / Review by Emilie Grace Lavoie

Before Demolition: Tides / Review by Erin Riehl

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Ketu’elmita’jik/They Want to go Home, Jordan Bennett / Review by Carrie Allison

Art + Design / Editorial by Shannon Webb-Campbell

The Memorialist, D’Arcy Wilon / Review by Kathleen Higgins

Pleasure is Both Powerful & Holy / Interview with Camae Ayewa & Carmel Farabakhsh by Francesca Ekwuyasi

Mommay’s Patches, Letitia Fraser / Review by Erin Riehl

You Are Not Here, Juan Ortiz-Apui / Review by Geordie Miller

Phillipa Jones on death, life & mourning / Review by Jennifer McVeigh

The Hidden & Recovered Figures of Jen E. Norton’s Slipstream / Review by Sally Wolchyn-Raab

The Museum of Longing & Failure / Profile by Shannon Webb- Campbell

This Small Town / Poem by Tanya Davis

This Town is Small / Artist-Run Centre Profile by Tanya Davis

All These In-betweens, Logan Macdonald / Review by Kate Lahey

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#callresponse: conversation & action / Review by Kathleen Higgins

Expanse / Editorial by Shannon Webb-Campbell

When Small Things Matter: Ned and Mary Pratt / Feature by Mireille Eagan

Nelson White: Kinship and Reclamation Beyond the Artist Residency / Profile by Kate Lahey

Kym Greeley’s Highway Sightlines / Review by Jennifer McVeigh

The Most Important Thing: Art and the Rural Renewal of Fogo Island / Feature by Jolee Smith

Oracles, Questions & Translation / Q & A with Olivia Boudreau & Penelope Smart

Liminal Fleshold: A Net for Wonder & Oneness / Review by Gillian Dykeman

Michelle Sylliboy’s Ancient Messages / Mi’kmaq Komqwejwi’kasikl (hieroglyphic) Poetry

Kent Monkman’s Shimmering Resilience / Profile by Shannon Webb-Campbell

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FALL 2018


Soheila Esfahani’s Portable Culture / Profile by Valerie Behiery

Unknown Lands / Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Tracing Rivers + Stories with Carrie Allison / Q + A by Mollie Cronin

Meagan Musseau Reclaims the Landscape / Q + A by Craig Francis Power

Blue Rocks: Gerald Ferguson, Marsden Hartley + John Hartman / Review by Ray Cronin

Charlotte Wilson-Hammond on What We Leave Behind / Q+A by Lizzy Hill

Between Sacred + Profane: Kaashif Ghanie & Nicholas Rosin / Review by Kathleen Higgins

In Memoriam: Susan Wood / Susan Gibson-Garvey

The Impact of the Identify Festival / Feature by Mirielle Eagan

Don’t Listen to Me: Mark Harvey / Q + A by Daniel Higham

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JJ Lee deconstructs Chinese-Canadian identities  / Profile by Lizzy Hill

The New Nova Scotia / Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Waka Okabayashi on Human-Plant Relationships / Profile by Kathleen Higgins

Conversation: Beyond the Island, Another Island Amish Morrell + Erik Moskowitz + Amanda Trager

Yorodeo Maps Inner Worlds / Feature by Walter Muschenheim

Emily Vey Duke’s Dark Optimism / Interview by Lizzy Hill

Sarah Fillmore on Nova Scotia’s Future Art World / Interview by Ray Cronin

Conversation: Navigating the Intersection of Art + Craft / Alexandra McCurdy + Joanna Close

Ursula Johnson Tackles Everyday Cultural Appropriation / Profile by Brennan McCracken

Kate MacDonald, Emma Paulson and the art of listening / Feature by Sally Raab-Wolchyn

Pictou Island Portage / Archival text: Mary MacDonald

Marlene Creates: In and Of / Response by Sophie Pilipczuk

Lou Sheppard explores the undefinable + unspoken / Interview by Anna Joan Taylor

Conversation: Sister Visions / Pamela Edmonds + Rebecca Fisk + Lucie Chan + Kim Cain + Chris Shapones

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Mario Doucette: Redrawing the margins / Profile by Walter Muschenheim

-Read in English and French

Atlantic Canadians topple art world ageism / Feature by Nzingha Millar

Identities In Flux /  Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Michael Flaherty + the politics of making / Q + A by Craig Francis Power

Pattern Clash: Andrew Cairns / Profile by Jonathan Rotzstain

Logan MacDonald’s poetic unpacking of identities /Review by Craig Francis Power

The stranger from Pictou County / Review by Janette Fecteau

Neon Defiance: Stephanie Wu on internet culture, self care + allies / Q + A by Lizzy Hill

Charlie Murphy in pursuit of the complex image / Q + A by John Mathews 36 Exhibition Previews

Lisa Cochrane transmutes objects found in nature / Review by Gordon Laurin

Thierry Delva, Steven Holmes + the necessity of dialogue / Review by Ray Cronin

Claire Hodge + Peggy Cameron negotiate urban space / Feature by Adria Young

Ryan Josey explores the parenthetical / Response by Julia McMillan

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FALL 2017


Jerry Ropson and the myth of home / Review by Craig Francis Power

Archival Alchemy / Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Brenda Francis Pelkey’s visual trespassing / Feature by Kathleen Higgins

Brendan Fernandes creates hybrid ghosts / Q + A by Lizzy Hill

Jonathan Howse’s sacred ordinary / Review by Allison Graves

Raven Davis’ de-celebration of Canada /  Feature by Adria Young

Essential Shoes’ strange nostalgia/ Review by Mitch Speed

Emily Pittman’s exploration of colour / Profile by Ray Cronin

Keeley Haftner’s landfill of forgotten art / Feature by Geordie Miller

Jessica Gnyp’s homage to obsolescence / Q + A by Lizzy Hill

Sound Etiquette and the politics of noise / Review by Ray Cronin

Photopolis defies festival conventions / Festival Spotlight by Becka Barker

Uncommon Common Art celebrates the rural / Festival Spotlight by Jessica Winton

Fall Exhibitions / Previews by Lizzy Hill

Geoffrey Farmer brings the “problematic” to Venice / Dispatch by Mireille Eagan


Steele + Tomczak collect strangers’ confessions

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Lorraine Field confronts our mortality / Review by Daniel Higham

Symbolically connected / Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Amery Sandford’s complex relationship with Newfoundland identity / Essay by Craig Francis Power

Stephanie Yee’s feast for thought / Profile by Jonathan Rotzstain

A walk through Rachel Morouney’s funerary jars / Review by Kathleen Higgins

Remembering Felicity Redgrave / In memoriam by Ray Cronin

Jordan Bennett, Ursula Johnson and the potency of language / Review by Craig Francis Power

Gallery Guide / Exhibition listings by Lizzy Hill

Feminist data visualization and the politics of information / Review by Amanda Shore

Landon Mackenzie’s personal creative process / Review by Ray Cronin

Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens assess our relationship with work / Review by Geordie Miller

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Spring 2017

Lisa Hirmer’s Distorted Landscapes Feature by Kathleen Higgins

Order + Chaos / Editorial by Lizzy Hill

New Found Lands explores marginalized histories / Feature by Mireille Eagan

Daniel Hutchinson bends light and space / Review by Ray Cronin

Rita McKeough and Graeme Patterson reimagine invasive species / Feature by Geordie Miller

The power of taste-based art / Field Report by Amanda Shore

Gallery Guide / Exhibition listings by Lizzy Hill

Holding space with Rachel Beach / Feature by Kathleen Higgins

Terroir gives Nova Scotia artists needed exposure / Viewpoint by Audrey Nicoll

Allison Hrabluik finds absurdity in the everyday / Review by Becka Viau

The scale of William Robinson / Q + A by Jonathan Rotzstain

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Fall 2016

Myths + Monsters

Carl Zimmerman’s decaying monuments: Review by Daniel Hingham

Myths and monsters: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Lyric Cranium’s miscellaneous fictions: Review by Mirielle Eagan

Marigold Santos’ Hybrid Beasts: Q + A by Lizzy Hill

Mitch Mitchell’s Alchemical Objects: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Gallery Guide: Exhibition listings by Lizzy Hill

Ambera Wellmann’s paintings and posts: Profile by Jonathan Rotsztain

Yorodeo’s mythical explorations: Review by Anna Taylor

Retracing the Songlines on The Magdalen Islands: Feature by Becka Viau

WhiteFeather Hunter’s flesh and fiber: Profile by Mike Landry

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Rilla Marshall maps lost terrain: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Inside Out: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Artists explore the domestic: Review by Mary MacDonald

On environments with Jesse Jacobs: Profile by Jonathan Rotsztain

Unearthing Hank Bull: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Ray Fenwick’s identities in flux: Dispatch by sophia bartholomew

Gallery Guide

On interpreting the woodland: Eryn Foster interviews Susan Tooke

Artist Page: Tonia Di Risio

Towards a theory of grant aesthetics: Essay by Merray Gerges

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Spring 2016

In the Issue:

The echoes of l’acadie Mythique: Review by Kathleen Higgins

The Resistance Issue: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Leah Modigliani’s archival alchemy: Q + A by Becka Viau

Richard Mueller’s Eye Witness Review: Review Susan Gibson Garvey

Y-Level’s Wooden Fruit: Review by Craig Leonard

Gallery Guide: Critic’s choice exhibition listings

Coco Guzman’s Los  Fantasmas: Response by Craig Francis Power

Lisa Theriault and Alisa Arsenault’s fragmented worlds: Response by
sophia bartholomew

The 2015 Sobey Art Award: Dispatch by Kathleen Higgins

New work by Paulette Phillips and Thierry Delva: Review by Adria Young

The playful pain of Neil LaPierre: Profile by Jonathan Rotsztain

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Fall 2015

In the issue:

Below the Surface with Michael Pittman: by Mireille Eagan

Haunt: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

The seductive world of Patrick Traer: by Kathleen Higgins

Artist Page: featuring the work of Jordan Bennett

Reflecting on the work of Geneviève Cadieux: By Daniel Higham

Reviews of Bridget Moser: Is This Thing On and An Intimate Distance: by Lizzy Hill

Gallery Guide: Must-see exhibitions this season

A conversation with Cathy Busby: by Christian ledwell

The creative logic of John Greer: by Adria Young

Sam Kinsley’s Self Portraits: By Anna Taylor

Nicole Pietrantoni’s ‘New Natural’: by Allison Saunders

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Summer 2015

In the issue:

Anatomica’s view on the interior: Review by Jaime Forsythe

On women’s work: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Folklore and Other Panics at The Rooms: Review by Craig Francis Power

Mathew Reichertz’s trash tales: Review by Daniel Higham

Under the passing stars’ voyeuristic impulse: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Artist Page: Charley Young

Gallery Guide Your curated exhibition listings

The textile work of Joanna Close: Review by Anna Taylor

The world of Anna Torma: Feature by Regina Marzlin

Dark Utopia’s conflicted wanderlust: Feature by Kathleen Higgins

Amanda Dawn Christie’s The Marshland Radio Plumbing Project: Feature by Mike Landry

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Janet Wright-Cheney’s Cellar: Review by Audrey Nicoll

Editorial by Lizzy Hill: (in)habit

Séripop’s exploration of entropy: Review by Christian Ledwell

Making Otherwise: Review by Daniel Higham

Jeff Whetstone’s Feral Lands: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Petapan First Light Arts Symposium: Art News by Shannon Webb-Campbell

Black Ice: David Blackwood: Book Review by Lizzy Hill

Colville: Book Review by Mike Landry

Exhibition Spotlight: Your Spring gallery guide

(im)mobile’s shifting spaces: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Camp Fire’s subversive ceramics:Review by Hilary Beaumont

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FALL 2014

Mathieu Léger’s Cultural Detritus: Review by Mike Landry

On Community: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Artist Pages: Jerry Ropson

Jerry Ropson’s everyday curiosities: Q & A by Kaylee Maddison 

Doing Our Own Thing: Review by Tila Kellman

Ursula Johnson’s Mi’kwite’tmn (Do You Remember): Review by Hilary Beaumont

Oh, Canada comes home: Feature by Lizzy Hill

Emily Falencki’s  solo exhibition at the AGNS: Review by Audrey Nicoll

Halifax’s Art Boat Project: Art News by Daniel Higham

All that Glows: Review by Kathleen Higgins

Hangama Amiri’s love of place: Profile by Veronica Simmonds

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Decoding Graeme Patterson: Feature by Audrey Nicoll

The Nostalgia Issue: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Mike Gough’s RETRACE: Review by Jennifer McVeigh

Magic and Realism: Essay by Aaron Weldon

Rose Adams: Survival, death and remembering: Feature by Tila Kellman

Exhibition Listings Summer 2014

Revisiting rebellion with the launch of Queer Looking, Queer Acting Revisited: Feature by Hilary Beaumont

A conversation with John Devlin: Q&A by Eryn Foster

André Lapointe’s natural fakes: Feature by Mike Landry

Somewheres’ uneasy impermanence: Review by leonard paul macpherson

Melanie Colosimo’s Midpoint: Review by Katie Belcher

nichola feldman-kiss’ embedded art: Q&A by Veronica Simmonds

Tamara Huxtable on coming clean: Atlantic Spotlight by Daniel Higham

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Spring 2014

Unearthing Moncton’s most controversial art show: Feature by Mike Landry

The Power Issue: Editorial by Lizzy Hill

Scott Saunders’ Guerilla Galleries: Feature by Kathleen Higgins

True Grit’s power play: Review by Daniel Higham

Mapping social capital in the Canadian art world: Response by Sophia Bartholomew

Rita McKeough’s industrial feast: Review by Hilary Beaumont

Artist Pages: Sarah Burwash

Current Conditions and Forecasts:  Eryn Foster interviews Katie Belcher

Entangled Particles’ haunting poetry: Review by Shannon Webb Campbell

Duane Linklater investigates the nature of language: Profile by Adria Young

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Fall 2013

Feature: On the Road with David Askevold by Mike Landry
Editorial by Lizzy Hill: The Nomadic Issue
Review: Shary Boyle’s Underwater Subconscious by Mireille Eagan
Profile: Getting lost with Melanie Authier by Allison Saunders
Review: Steve Higgins New Work by Tila Kellman
Exhibition Listings
Feature: Unearthing the Eyelevel archives by Daniel Higham
Field Notes: Lucy Pawlak’s “third space” on Fogo Island by Kay Burns
Review: Daniel Vogel’s Siftor and My Name is Owen by Mike Landry
Review: Motion Activated connects sound and movement by Adria Young
Community Focus: Hannah Minzloff’s Portraits on Portland by Heather L. MacLeod
In Memorian: Alex Colville’s Visual Poetry by Ray Cronin
Backpage Response: Objection tackles the craft/art semantic by Aaron Weldon

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Summer 2013

Profile: Between alchemy and art: Darren Emeneau
by Mike Landry

Editorial by Lizzy Hill: The End of Nature?

Review: Declan O`Dowd’s Deer Gardens
by Veronica Simmonds

Interview: In the studio with salvage-artist Arianne Pollett-Brannen
by Hilary Beaumont

Profile: Pat Hickman explores mortality and impermanence
by Jaime Forsythe

Review: Robyn Moody’s Butterflies. Species at the Edge of Reason
by Kathleen Higgins

Exhibition Listings

Review: Position as Desired/Exploring African Canadian Identity: Photographs from the Wedge Collection
by Hilary Beaumont

Snapshot Review: Adrian Fish’s The Soto / Hasid Project
by Daniel Joyce

Interview: John Murchie, Sackville`s jack of all trades
by Eryn Foster

Review: Craig Francis Power`s Les Fleurs Du Mal
by Adria Young

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Spring 2013

Profile by Shannon Webb-Campbell: Ehryn Torrell finds life in crumbling cityscapes
Editorial by Lizzy Hill: The Ragpicker’s Issue
Feature by Christian Ledwell: Swintak and Miller’s Tower of Babble
Feature by Jaime Forsythe: Thinking outside the white cube
Snapshot Review by Natascia Lypny: Marigold Santos’ Coven Ring
Snapshot Review by Kristie McCallum: Chase Gallery’s ReVISION
Review by Crystal Melville: Peter Dykhuis’ Inventories and Micro-mapping
Review by Kathleen Higgins: Kai Chan’s A Spider’s Logic
Review by Tila Kellman: Barb McLean’s Markers and Tracings
Q & A: Allison Saunders and James Guerts
Snapshot Review by Joan Sullivan: Hazel Meyers’ Walls to the Ball
Community Focus by Mike Landry: Jaune Evans’s Collecting Fog and Peter Cunningham’s Dead Reckoning
Spring 2013 Exhibition Listings for Atlantic Canada

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Fall 2012

Tracing Oh Canada’s Atlantic Canadian Inspiration at MASS MOCA
Cover: Andrea Mortson, Swan Pond Night Fall, 2009-2010.

Plus Skin: the seduction of surface at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Tuning into Dalhousie University Art Gallery’s Sounding Selves; Holding on with performance artist Stephen Mueller; Examining the social history of women labourers with Emily Davidson’s Agitate, Educate, Organise; Snapshot Reviews of Michael Pittman’s Haunted Halfand Troy Lovegates AKA OTHER’s exhibition at (((Parentheses))) Gallery.Turning the lens inwards with photographer Jaret Belliveau; Exploring Alexandra McCurdy’s tribute to hard working women and textile culture.Re-imagining Pictou, Nova Scotia at the W(here) Festival; Transforming Point Pleasant Park’s Gatekeeper’s Lodge with Lisa Lipton’s Window Ballet 2: Electric Boogaloo; Nate Larson andMarni Shindelman’s Geolocation: Maritimes capture Saint John.

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Summer 2012

Review: Allison Saunders explores Douglas Walker’s Other Worlds. Cover image: Douglas Walker, Small Building, 2011

Plus Audrey Nicoll reviews Ruth Cuthand’s Back Talk (works 1983-2009); Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s chief curator Terry Graff chats about the materiality of paint and his exhibition Goop, Guck, And Globs with writer Mike Landry; Stefan Hancherow considers the cyclical nature of Assembly Lines at PEI’s Confederation Centre of the Arts; Visual Arts News writers narrow down your summer reading list; Katie Belcher considers the physicality of works in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Material World; Artist Cecil Day captures Nova Scotia’s trapping history; Veronica Simmonds tracks the evolution of Nova Scotia’s “Rabbit Movement;”  And Adria Young catches up with Chris Foster and Natalie Slater, the duo behind the Periodical Project.

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Spring 2012

Review: Kelly Mark, Exist, 2009 (cover) paired with work by Micah Lexier in Head-to-Head at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery in Halifax.

Plus cut/fold/play, Tila Kellman reviews Paper Doll at Owen’s Art Gallery,  Laura Kenins’ contextualizes Atlantic Canada’s floating media landscapes alongside 3x3x3, Stephanie Springgay collects field notes with Toronto’s Mammalian Diving Reflex’s Nightwalks with Teenagers in Cape Breton, Mike Landry reveals Andrew McPhail‘s second-skin,  Crystal Melville maps statelessness at Nocturne: Art at Night 2012, in conversation with Shannon Webb-Campbell  Robert Bean talks obsolescence, Sophie Pilipczuk inhales and exhales Susan Wood’s 30-year retrospective – Earth Skins – at MSVU Art Gallery and curator, J.J. Kegan McFadden reflects on the intricacies of waiting… and more.

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Fall 2011

Review: Amalie Aitkens, Girl in the Reed with Bolex, 2010 (cover) at the Owen’s Art Gallery’s Bona Fide: Handmade and Homemade.

Plus Dirt, Detritus and Vermin & In an Ancient Garden at MSVU Art Gallery, the Debert Diefenbunker, Jared Peters at Ingrid Mueller  Art + Concepts, Artist pages on the 20111 Sobey Art Award’s short-listed artists Becka Viau & Zeke Moores, taking in rural residence with Rebecca Roher, a thoughtful Q&A tuning with Craig Leonard, Toronto Images Festival retrospective of James MacSwain and a glimpse of the Venice Biennale.

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Summer 2011

Profile: Ursula Johnson (cover)

Plus reviews and features on Sarah Maloney, Norma Jean MacLean, Tonia De Risio’s Feed, The Abbie Table Project, Kim Morgan’s Range Light, Ray Mackie, Betty Goodwin, a tribute to Mary Sparling and a feature on artist residencies at the Gatekeeper’s lodge in Halifax’s Point Pleasant Park.

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Spring 2011

Reviews: Teresa Bergen (cover)

Plus reviews of Kristen Ivey and What Remains, Response, Making Tracks, Losing It, Tidelines, Stephen Kelly, Elena Popova, Erica Rutherford, Janice Wright Cheney and more. With a recap of Halifax’s Nocturne Festival and a feature on a new artist-run centre in Prince Edward Island.

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Fall 2010

Reviews: Scott Conarroe at MSVU Gallery (cover).

Plus David Hoffos, Bill Marshall, Shorelines, Gerard Collins, Colin Campbell, Onni Nordman, Gerard Beaulieu and Clark Ferguson. With a feature on Atlantic Canadian art and the recession and artist pages by Micah Lexier and Mireille Eagan.

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Summer 2010

Reviews: Marc Bell at Owens Gallery (cover), and as part of the group show Pulp Fiction at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery.

Plus David Harper, Diane Landry, Jean Pierre Gauthier, Gerard Collins, Kate Beaton and Yo Rodeo. With features on Gallery Connexion and art education in Nova Scotia. Artist pages by WhiteFeather and Carol Collicutt

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Spring 2010

Reviews: Sophie Jodoin, Small Dramas & Little Nothings (2008-09) at MSVU Gallery (cover).

Plus Guerrilla Girls come to Nova Scotia, contemporary art in Inverness, Sara Angelucci, Dozay Christmas, Hannah Minzloff and Jeannie Thib. With features on walking with Hamish Fulton and a Venice Biennale report.

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Winter 2009

Reviews: Susan Bozic at MSVU Gallery (cover).

Plus Chris Joyce, Eyelevel Gallery Unplugged, David Dahms, Steve Higgins, Nicolas Baier, Sometimes Always. With features on the struggles of regional arts councils and Atlantic Canadian arts festivals.

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Summer 2009

Reviews: Martha Wilson, founder of Franklin Furnace and member of the collective Guerrilla Girls, returns to Halifax with a retrospective exhibition, Staging the Self, at Dalhousie Art Gallery.

Plus Lynn Rotin, Peter Coffman, Felicity Redgrave, Fenn Martin with Nicolas Johnson, Stephanie McNair, Theo Meltzer-Gardner. With features on the history of Nova Scotia artists going “back to the land” and the state of provincial permanent collections.

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