The strange new world of Bridget Moser

In this installation of the Visual Arts News Podcast, our new host David Dahms picks artist Bridget Moser's brain about her latest show at MSVU Art Gallery in Halifax, Bridget Moser: Is This Thing On.

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Approaches to Erg: Chris Myhr’s sunken sounds

Chris Myhr is captivated by the destructive power of water. In this Visual Arts News podcast, Veronica Simmonds chats with the Ontario-based artist about his exploration of the Halifax Harbour and the ships wrecked beneath its surface.

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Turn on the radio

Getting on Michael McCormack's wavelength

In this podcast for Visual Arts News, Veronica Simmonds chats with Halifax-based artist Michael McCormack about his explorations into shortwave radio. McCormack discusses revisiting the obsolete medium in his upcoming show at New Brunswick's Galerie Sans Nom (February 28-April 4), Station, and his use of short-wave artifacts collected by his grandfather, a communications expert and avid collector.

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From Paradise City to Death Valley

Lisa Lipton sets her sights on a horror/romance feature film

In this Visual Arts News podcast, Veronica Simmonds chats with artist Lisa Lipton about her travels across North America, her exploration of drumming culture and work on a new feature film, THE IMPOSSIBLE BLUE ROSE.

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Tracing the edges

Annie Macmillan explores Halifax Regional Municipality's hidden lakes

Artist Annie Macmillan is seeking out every lake in the Halifax Regional Municipality with the name "Little Lake" and swimming its perimeter. Her plan is to turn those maps into drawings that tell the story of each swim. In this interview for Visual Arts News, Veronica Simmonds catches up with her to talk about her underwater adventures, her artistic process and her exploration of a city's edges.

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From Alabama fireworks to popping wheelies: Kate Walchuk waxes nostalgic

Kate Walchuk is in the business of memory preservation. In this podcast for Visual Arts News, Veronica Simmonds chats with the Halifax-based artist and curator about her recent show at Seeds Gallery, GOOD SHAPE, and her new understanding of nostalgia.

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Will Robinson’s brutalist inspiration

Visual Arts News catches up with Will Robinson during his recent residency in Dalhousie University's Killam Memorial Library. Robinson discusses his latest project—translating the surface of a building into song.

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A Conversation with Eleanor King

Eleanor King is truly an interdisciplinary artist—her work spans from audio installations to drawings and, of course, to her fascination with sculptural stacking. Her artistic practice in its various forms addresses issues of excess, technological obsolescence and environmental degradation.

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