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Where to find us

Visual Arts News is distributed to newsstands across Canada by Magazines Canada. If you cannot find Visual Arts News at your favorite/local newsstand, we encourage you to submit a request and mention Magazines Canada as a source.


  • Atlantic News
  • AGNS Gift Shop

Nova Scotia

  • The Inside Story, Greenwood

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Island Treasures, Cornerbrook
  • Broken Books, St. John’s

New Brunswick

  • Reid’s Newsstand, Fredericton
  • Reid’s Newsstand, Moncton
  • Reid’s Newsstand, Riverview
  • Tidewater Books, Sackville


  • With the Times, Calgary

British Columbia

  • McNews, North Vancouver
  • Mayfair News, Vancouver
  • Munro’s Bookstore, Victoria


  • Dominion News & Gifts, Winnipeg
  • McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg


  • The Bookshelf, Guelph
  • York University Book Store, North York
  • Glebe Smoke Shop, Ottawa
  • Britton’s Westboro, Ottawa
  • Christopher’s Smoke Shop, St. Catherines
  • Book City #6 – St. Clair, Toronto
  • Presse Internationale #1 – Bloor, Toronto
  • Presse Internationale – Beach, Toronto
  • Words Worth Books, Waterloo


  • Formats RCAAQ Bookstore, Montreal
  • Mediaphile, Montreal
  • Tabagie Mondor Fafa, St-Hyacinthe


  • Chapters/Indigo locations
  •  Select Coles locations in Atlantic Canada