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Indigenous artists challenge Paul Kane's controversial legacy

Indigenous artists challenge Paul Kane’s controversial legacy

Visual Arts News' research intern explores the legacy of two NFB films from the '70s—One film portrayed Indigenous people in visual art, while the other depicted Indigenous people as visual art.
Unearthing buried histories of African Nova Scotian artists

Unearthing buried histories of African Nova Scotian artists

"Chris! I have been secretly waiting for this email for decades! Talk to me."
In This Place: The lasting impact of Nova Scotia's first exhibition of Black artists' work

In This Place: The lasting impact of Nova Scotia’s first exhibition of Black artists’ work

Why In this Place was a groundbreaking exhibition for Black artists in Nova Scotia
Looking back: Our version of "women in the arts" in the 70's

Looking back: Our version of “women in the arts” in the 70’s

The 70's art world "was a desert for women! Let alone any person of colour!” But in 1977, in the second issue of Visual Arts News, we published a list of publications focusing on "women in the arts." Our research intern Chris Shapones reflects on the impact of that list, what endures and what could...
Looking back, Looking forward

Looking back, Looking forward

Meet Visual Arts News' new research intern, who's going to be trawling through our archives revisiting all the stories we've told about the visual arts scene in Atlantic Canada over the past 40 years.
Retracing the past

Retracing the past

Cathy Busby displays the artworks that the Confederation Centre Art Gallery’s first director, Moncrieff Williamson, acquired half a century ago on a shoestring budget ahead of a royal visit from the Queen. Or at least, what was left of them.
Turn on the radio

Turn on the radio

In this podcast for Visual Arts News, Veronica Simmonds chats with Halifax-based artist Michael McCormack about his explorations into shortwave radio. McCormack discusses revisiting the obsolete medium in his upcoming show at New Brunswick's Galerie Sans Nom (February 28-April 4), Station, and his use of short-wave artifacts collected by his grandfather, a communications expert and...