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Get to know our new research intern

Visual Arts News’ research intern Chris Shapones 

Hi! My name is Chris. I’m the new student research intern at VANS. I’m going to be looking back at the archives of Visual Arts News and any other publications, galleries, organizations around Nova Scotia for the next few months. I’m also excited to talk to lots of people who were involve with starting, running and keeping VANS growing for the past 40 years.

A bit about me — I’m a queer, white, settler cis woman from Ontario. I moved to Halifax with my wife, Susie, and daughter, our cat Bart, last year to finally finish my interdisciplinary BFA at NSCAD (better late than never). I earned my diploma 10 years ago at Sheridan College in the glass department and since then have also become a bicycle mechanic and community organizer at the DIY Bike repair space, Bike Pirates, in Toronto and continue to volunteer every week at Bike Again here in Halifax. I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer and arts workers. Most recently I have been making short animated films with Susie. To our delight, last year we won the Halifax Smartphone Film Festival with a short animation Hide and Squeak.

I’m going to be posting here regularly for the next few months on things I find interesting from the past 40 years of Visual Arts News. If you have anything to share or add to the story please contact me at vanews@visualarts.ns.ca.


Chris Shapones




Chris Shapones

Chris Shapones is the research intern at VANS and fourth year undergraduate student at NSCAD. She is a capricorn and multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker, who likes bikes, cats and vegan food.

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