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Steele + Tomczak collect strangers' confessions

Steele + Tomczak collect strangers’ confessions

The works in The Long Time transmit the sense that you’re missing or meeting something, getting just a trace of what came before and what is coming next.
In This Place: The lasting impact of Nova Scotia's first exhibition of Black artists' work

In This Place: The lasting impact of Nova Scotia’s first exhibition of Black artists’ work

Why In this Place was a groundbreaking exhibition for Black artists in Nova Scotia
Framing nature

Framing nature

Like snapshots of ephemeral performances and land art pieces, or installation shots which end up being re-presented in their own installative environments, Greenshaw captures in her work exemplary paradoxes.
On the road with David Askevold

On the road with David Askevold

Mike Landry traces conceptual artist David Askevold's chance encounters and collaborations on the road.
The Participating Witness

The Participating Witness

Moncton-based photographer and filmmaker Jaret Belliveau’s photographic work addresses illness and loss. Arguably, Belliveau is best known for his series Dominion Street (2003-2008), which began as a visual investigation into family dynamics and the hegemonic balances of power that maintain them. However, ten months into the project, Belliveau’s mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Soon...