Call for Submissions: Craft

An issue that looks at CRAFT practices in Mi’kma’ki.

Craft is an artform which takes a physical object or artefact – for example: wood, clay, ceramics, beadwork, basketmaking, glass, textiles – but then there’s the word meaning the skill of producing that object. Why is process important to craft? How does a craftsperson become an artist, and craft becomes an art form? What is the difference between fine art and craft? How has the definition of craft changed or evolved over time?  What is craft from a feminist perspective?

What are the interwoven and intersectional craft histories in Mi’kma’ki? How does craft inform our identities, pedagogies, and sense of place? What does craft show us about the past, present and future of art?

We’re curious to hear from writers, artists and critics in order to expand, respond and deepen conversations inspired by the artistic vision of emerging and established artists who are pushing the boundaries of art and culture in the Atlantic.  We are seeking pitches for features, profiles and exhibition reviews, and prioritize work that pushes back against white supremacy and colonialism because we are committed to supporting anti-oppression, anti-racism, Indigenous sovereignty, Black liberation, and sexual and gender diversity. 

Pitch deadline: September 15, 2022

Draft deadline: October 28, 2022

Release date: January 20, 2033

Pitches should be submitted by email to


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