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In the East Gallery, Bruce Gray presents Origins, a selection of custom built furniture created over the last decade along with his latest creations. Bruce is a highly respected craftsman known for his precision, unusual joinery techniques and for using the natural cracks and flaws in the wood as areas of interest. Bruce works with unique local and exotic woods, mixing wood types and textures to accentuate the features of the other. His work often incorporates live edges creating a distinction between the finished and raw woods.  Most recently he has been integrating glass, stone and fossils into tables and other functional objects to further accentuate the material and to challenge preconceived notions of form and function. His work is deceptively simple, with an elegance and sophistication that elevates these pieces of furniture to objets d’art.


Its purpose is to expose subjective and bias defining of “imperfections” in art, people and life. It draws from the artist’s maturing experience engaging elderly people and elderly organic materials. The show represents an evolution of skill and fusion of wood, glass with sectioned and full stones. As always, the “flawed” art will be functional.

Rencontre Primordiale/Primordial Encounter

Rencontre Primordiale/Primordial Encounter

Barbara Safran de Niverville, Communication (detail), textured and painted plexiglass with acrylic on wood, 2016