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AgitProp: Soviet Propaganda 1905-1945

AgitProp: Soviet Propaganda 1905-1945

Public Lecture with Dr. Susanna Weygandt: Thursday, 6 July, 7 pm

Revolution Revolution Artist Performance: Friday, 14 July, 6 pm

AgitProp: Soviet Propaganda, 1905-45 displays over 40 examples of Soviet poster art from the collection of Dartmouth-based antique book dealer, Major Marcus Brauer, currently on loan to the Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery. This collection was originally compiled by the late Dr. David R. Jones, a local professor of Russian History and longtime leftist activist.

This exhibition of propaganda images—primarily from folios reprinted in the 1970s—visually represents the events leading up to the Russian Revolutions, the Civil War of 1917-22, the mass industrialisation of the USSR in the late 1920s and 1930s and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 (WWII).

AgitProp investigates the role of propaganda as a means of collective commemoration and form of political agitation. Feminist and anti-fascist themes are drawn out as this show examines shifts in the representation of women in State propaganda and how opposition to the rise of German fascism was depicted during the Soviet era.

As our current political climate polarises and pitches towards fascism, AgitProp offers an opportunity to examine a key moment in the visual history of the Left.

Revolution Revolution is a new performance work by Gillian Dykeman, which activates the latent radical potential of the human energy amassed through group fitness. Attendees will meet at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery on Friday, 14 July at 6 pm for an invigorating and inspirational participatory cycling class performance. Attendees are welcome to ride along (wear comfortable gym clothes) or observe this 30 minute spin studio performance. No previous spin workout experience necessary. Attendees will be asked to sign a waiver in the gallery in order to access the Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness.

This event is free. To attend, please register on EventBrite:

About the Curators:

This exhibition is the first collaborative curatorial venture for Emily Davidson and Nicole Marcoux. This project combines their interests in Russian history and culture; print and image reproduction; and political art. Emily Davidson (NSCAD, BFA ’09) is an artist, activist and graphic designer. Her practice uses printmaking to investigate the history of the Left, imagine utopian futures and agitate for social justice. Nicole Marcoux (Dalhousie, BA ’13) is a crafter, holistic nutritionist and community organiser. Her past academic work in Russian Studies focused on a political and social analysis of the Soviet cookbook, The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food.




Other Histories

Other Histories

Other Histories is a solo exhibition by Pakistani-Canadian artist, Amin Rehman, in collaboration with international activist, writer and commentator, Tariq Ali. The exhibition comments on neo-colonialism and assertive globalisation through wall-based text works employing texts by Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky and Edward Said. Rehman uses Perso-Arabic scripts (Kufi and Talib) to encompass his diasporic identity within a contemporary art practice.

Amin Rehman, For Globalization, Encaustic installation, 2015. photo credit: Amin Rehman



Lorraine Field’s exhibition Alas is a photographic response to the loss of her husband and companion of some five decades, poet Roger Field. Situating her own body within landscapes that simultaneously depict new growth and decay, Field uses her photographs and Roger’s poetry to explore both the personal and universal experiences of loss and aging.

Lorraine Field, Leveled, Year 1, Photograph, 2012. photo credit: Lorraine Field