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We Shall See

We Shall See


Ian Willms father died after months of hospitalization and medical interventions due to a motorcycle accident. In We Shall See Willms documents his father’s traumatic injuries and the details of daily hospital visits. Despite their fraught familial relationship, Willms’ father encouraged him to photograph their “journey through unknown emotional terrain, in collaboration.” Unframed and printed on fragile tracing paper, the photographs depict the complexities of love, grief and mortality.

Ian Willms’ is an award-winning photojournalist based in Toronto and founding member of Boreal Collective.  We Shall See is presented in conjunction with Photopolis: The Halifax Festival of Photography.

Image: Ian Willms, Sister and I at the hospital, Inkjet print, 2014.


Bodies in Translation: Age and Creativity

Bodies in Translation: Age and Creativity

MSVU Art Gallery is collaborating with the SSHRC-funded project entitled “Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology, and Access to Life” and the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging at MSVU.  In keeping with the project’s focus on socially engaged creative work by artists who embody difference, the works in Bodies in Translation: Age and Creativity address various facets of aging, including age-related disability. The exhibition features work by Maritimes-based artists, Cecil Day, Michael Fernandes, Karen Langlois, Onni Nordman, MJ Sakurai, George Steeves and Anna Torma.

Image: Cecil Day, Grasses, linocut, 2016.