Opening: 6PM Monday June 19th 2017
Artist talk: 12PM Tuesday July 11th 2017

K’jipuktuk – The Khyber Centre for the Arts is pleased to present The DE-CELEBRATION of CANADA 150 by local artist Raven Davis. Opening on June 19th 2017, the de-celebration of Canada 150 will be marked with a provoking contemporary exhibition that critically explores Canadian propaganda and how the celebration of Canada 150 perpetuates the erasure of Indigenous people in Halifax and in the rest of Canada.

The DE-CELEBRATION of CANADA 150 is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that aims to bring attention to Indigenous issues both historical and current and create engagement with gallery visitors through installation, photography and media. Pieces such as “Whiteness is Civility” and “Canada-Playing with Our Lives” an installation piece speaking to the negligence and lack of efforts made by the Canadian Government to protect Indigenous women, Two-Spirit and children’s lives, will be on exhibit bookending July 1st.