Craig Gallery

Meeting Minutes: The Power of the Doodle(r)

Opening Wednesday, February 28, 7-9pm

“What did Einstein, JFK, Edison, Marie Curie, and Henry Ford have in common? They were all inveterate doodlers. These powerhouse minds knew instinctively that doodling is deep thinking in disguise-a simple, accessible, and dynamite tool for innovating and solving even the stickiest problems. I’m not Einstein, or Henry Ford, but I am an inveterate doodler, and it has transformed my life, and how I experience the world.

…Some of my drawings take 50+ hours and require controlled breathing and a calm mind. The benefits for me are two fold, the collecting and organizing of thoughts and how the outcome is a result of a meditative repetitive process.” -Bruce Roosen


In The Craig Case Galleries

Opening Wednesday, January 31, 7-9pm

“Fishermen on the East Coast of Canada inspired my work. Because I wanted to pay homage to them, using hand made artifacts from the fishing industry, I titled several pieces under the umbrella of Historia Atlantica. Each piece has a title from a vessel on the South Shore of NS tellingly indicating the different frames of mind of each captain.

I decided to do a series …transforming vintage medicine cabinets – as discrete museums. These cabinets serve as cautionary environmental tales or parables if you will.” – Su Rogers


OPENING: Wednesday, January 31, 7-9pm

“…fish towers say something about exuberance and abundance. On encounter and on a surface level, they seem to make people happy.

The implied watery medium relates to the unconscious (in some schools of psychology), and gives us the idea of our teeming unconscious lives.

A tower of dry, fossil-like fish speaks to past lives, busyness stilled.” -Nancy Roberts

Colour Matters

“My paintings investigate the agency of colour through a vibrant, messy and precarious sensibility. These works are suggestive landscapes, investigating the inner exploration of indexical mark making, working with a formal and vital approach, I have been influenced by modes of expressionism, experimenting with its potential. The shapes and contours implies a playfulness, exuberance, and a sense of effervescence or froth which forms in-between the push//pull of tides. By breaking down the impression of the gestures, leaving it raw and undefined I hope to reveal something transparent about the process of painting and color.”

Marley Johnson completed his bfa at NSCAD university in 2015, he also studied at Cooper Union in New York City on an exchange. Upon graduating Marley was awarded a residency in Lunenburg NS, where he spent a year working within a ceramics community. Marley is currently doing his MFA at Concordia university in Montreal.

Mosaic of Identity and Community Connection

In The Case Galleries:  This project celebrates and explores identity from an immigrant and migrant women’s perspective. Using art as a tool for community building, the project sought to create an opportunity for immigrant and migrant women, female youth and girls to collaborate. The goal was to create a traveling art exhibit that would enhance their identity, sense of place, belonging and community connection. This multi-media sculptural collaboration is a window into the individual journeys shared by immigrant and migrant women. The artistic journey was led by mixed media artist Miro Davis and anthropologist Maria Jose Yax-Fraser. It began with conversations around identity, community,place and belonging. These topics conceptualized into different forms such as Mandalas of Self, Vessels of Identity, Adorning and Wearing Place, and Community Skins. The materials used in this collaboration are: copper,clay, glass, earthenware, wood, paint and miscellaneous found material.