Ivan Murphy is bringing together a selection of paintings from 2007-2017. The origin of the paintings is a memory of snowshoeing through a snow-blanketed clear-cut where the tranquil layer of snow belied the wreckage beneath. The all-over white compositions have gradually morphed into work that refers more to their own origins, process, and the idea of infinite extension. Though the works may appear ethereal, they are weighted with layers of textured tints and impasto plates of paint that recall the very first marks made on the canvas.

This is the first time that this series of work has been exhibited together as an edition. “I’ve always felt that the work needed to be shown together as a unified record of transformation, and the Chase Gallery has the scale to pull it off,” says Murphy. “This is the kind of work that can explored endlessly, and I’m looking forward to doing exactly that.”

Murphy has been working out of his studio in Halifax for almost twenty years. He is represented by galleries in Halifax, Toronto and Ottawa. His work is in collections including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Nova Scotia Art Bank, and the United States Consulate. He is the recipient of several grants from Nova Scotia Communities Culture and Heritage, and has participated in municipal competitions and public art projects.