Five professional Maritime artists – celebrate different media, states of being and place in a colourful, light-filled exhibit from Middelburg’s vibrant hooked rugs of coastal scenes to painter Fitzgerald’s fantastical, fairytale interiors with faces trapped in ornate frames as ribbons, fanciful objects and patterned floors swirl around them.  Halifax artist Genny Killin exhibits abstract sculptural forms of fragments found in nature and displayed as curios or relics on black velvet or burnished painted surfaces. The fragments suggest bones, driftwood, seaweed and even the human figure.  Terry Havlis Drahos, a Chicago native and Wolfville resident who has directed the popular outdoor art event Uncommon Common Art since 2008, explores the question “Where are you from?” in oil on board paintings of layered fields of colour created through the use of intricately hand cut stencils of maps and houses. Halifax fibre artist and retired physician Christiane Poulin exhibits Winds of Change: a Lace-scape (2017), of seven hanging lace panels. The installation re-creates “The Deck,” a popular outdoor courtyard at NSCAD University’s downtown campus. In her virtual space Poulin evokes the experience and memory of NSCAD artists.

Artist talks are: Jan. 13, 2 p.m., Genny Killin; Jan. 20, 2 p.m., Christiane Poulin; Jan. 27, 2 p.m., Terry Drahos; 3 p.m., Carla Middelburg.

Composition #1, velvet, cotton and glue, by Genny Killin