Cape Breton University Art Gallery


Each year, the Cape Breton University Art Gallery invites artists of all ages and levels of experience to participate in a non-juried community exhibition to celebrate community creativity. We look forward to see returning esteemed artists’ work and welcome new talent.

Drawing from the concept of the late seventeenth-century Paris Salon, ProletariArt adopts the presentation style of exhibiting artwork floor-to-ceiling. While the original Paris Salon was largely conservative and exclusive to the members of the Art Academy, ProletariArt is open to everyone and celebrates amateur, folk, experimental, and avant-garde art in addition to more traditional art forms.

Avatars of Human Creativity: Exploring the ArtSci Connect

The exhibit will explore and highlight real-world examples of the use of art in science and technology. The exhibit will feature the artistic practice of three artists whose work have in common that they reflect the natural world and intersect with one of the STEM fields.