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Current Issue: FALL 2017





A Cadence for Unremembered Shades

Gallery 2
Artist Talk: Wed 1 November, 12 Noon
Nguyen offers, “In the past year, I have made a departure in my work to isolate and develop my fascination with the atmospheric effects possible in the craft of oil painting. The challenge and freedom of these works rests in the intuitive process in which they are made. My practical concern resides in the technical questions of layering, to create a resonating depth of color and light as varying states of emergence and submergence. It is my intention that these paintings function as image spaces for an ongoing practice of contemplation.”

Eye Phenomenons

Gallery 2B

Smith’s intent in creating this series of photographs “was to bring complex, scientific subject matter into an art context. I wanted to uncover the natural beauty of the eyes and understand what’s happening under the surface.”

Shift, Rotate, and Press

Gallery 2A

This exhibition is the result of the increasingly experimental practices of an artist working with paper. Jin continually explores materials and techniques to achieve new possibilities in her work.

I Grew Up On A Cul-De-Sac

Gallery 1

Robert’s exhibition of wooden sculptures and oil paintings encourages the viewer to contemplate memory and domestic life in an attempt to better understand how our early experiences
shape who we are as people. Referencing old slides and family photographs, Cameron constructs domestic scenes with purposeful ambiguity, eliciting feelings of fragmented memory and nostalgia.

Gallery 3
Artist Talk: Fri 29 September, 4:30PM
Doucette’s exhibition presents a new version of history, shedding light on our colonial past, reframing key figures and exposing false ideas. He offers, “My work stems from the hypothesis that historyis a lie that no one ever questions. Often artists were obligated to convey an official message, sometimes largely tainted by political motivations, thus evoking an incomplete version of the facts. This is certainly the case of the artists who represented the history of the Acadians in Canada. It is a history that is often a one-sided perspective from a Colonial British viewpoint which presented the Acadian population in terms of a problem that needed to be solved.”

Bio: Mario Doucette is an Acadian artist from Moncton, NB. He is a painter, but also works with video, digital animation, performance and Super8 film. He has been featured in many exhibitions in several Canadian museums and galleries, notably at Toronto’s ROM where he was a Sobey Art Award finalist in 2008. Generously supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Arts NS.


Galleries 2 & 3
Anna Leonowens Gallery kicks off each Fall semester with an exhibition highlighting one of NSCAD’s areas of study. This year,  we are showcasing NSCAD’s renowned Ceramics department.
NSCAD+ceramics is an opportunity to see the work of faculty and technicians from the early china painting of Alice Egan Hagen to the present, spanning some 121 years of ceramics at NSCAD.



Through drawing and installation practices, Logan explores the intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place. Employing a strategy of visual quotation, mined from place and experience, Logan “re-wilds” his body as a queer embodiment of nature. Engaging both epic-scale and stylistically-historic techniques, Logan’s meticulous drawings evolve a visual language which speaks to the metaphoric as well as the metaphysical.

Bio: Logan’s work has been exhibited widely in North America, Europe and Asia. His work can be found in public, private, and corporate collections around the world, including the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Canada, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and Remai Modern, Leslie-Lohman Museum (NYC). Generously supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Arts NS.


RESPONSIVE: International Light Art Project Halifax

RESPONSIVE: International Light Art Project Halifax

ALG extended hours: 7pm – midnight 

RESPONSIVE: International Light Art Project Halifax is a curatorial collaboration between Halifax and Cologne, Germany. RESPONSIVE exhibitions will be open nightly from 7pm to midnight, October 18 – 21. The founding Halifax partners and Project Co-Curators, Melanie Colosimo (Director of Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University), Sarah Fillmore (Chief Curator of Art Gallery of Nova Scotia) and Peter Dykhuis (Director/Curator of Dalhousie Art Gallery at DalhousieUniversity) have been working together with the founding Cologne partners, Project Initiator and Director, Dr. Ralf Seippel (Director of Seippel Galerie) and Artistic Director, Professor Bettina Pelz (curator) to introduce the first iteration of RESPONSIVE in Halifax.
Innovative light art will be showcased at Anna Leonowens Gallery, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Arts Centre, Dalhousie School of Architecture, and outdoor public spaces at City Hall, Public Gardens, and the Old Public Library. For the full list of artists and locations visit: