Walter Ostrom: Studio Selections
Studio 21 is thrilled to present a selection of available pieces from Walter Ostrom.  Some appeared in the exhibition and accompanying book “Good Earth: The Pots and Passion of Walter Ostrom” 2021. A major force in the world of contemporary ceramics, Ostrom’s career spanned nearly 40 years and he was the leading ceramics professor in the Craft Division of NSCAD University.

Walter Ostrom, Deep Bowl, Lantz earthenware, wheel thrown, cuerda seca, polychrome glaze, 2007, photo: Corey Isenor.

Charles Bishop: Looking at Polaroids
Multimedia artist Charles Bishop presents his abstract Polaroid photography. The small images are manipulated and re-printed on large format paper so that the viewer can experience all the hidden details of the original. His new exhibition includes past and present work.