Opening and performance: 7-9PM Saturday March 09, 2019

Pleasure Calls: Archiving Distance Through Sonic Joy is an interdisciplinary performance by Camae Ayewa and Carmel Farahbakhsh that combines the creation of live soundscapes (vocals, electric violin, samples, synths) with visual storytelling through installation. Sonically, it will explore how sounds, scents, and images create memory and build connection over distance. Visually, the installation uses a gathering of objects, photographs, videos, and letters that act as tangible memory-images for building pillars of comfort and safety in a long distance relationship. These are artefacts of shared experience – archiving significant memory as an act of healing the virtual limitations of time, distance, and borders. Pleasure Calls aims to discuss the expansive possibilities of compassion, reclamation of ritual, and queer love as spiritual practice. Through this Ayewa and Farahbakhsh will actively dream futures where closeness is not only allocated to physicality, and memory is not understood as a linear trajectory.