Perfect Brightness features photographs from the Permanent Collection and is based in so-called “straight” photography or practices that attempt to depict a scene or subject in sharp focus and detail, commensurate with the qualities that distinguish photography as a discipline from other visual media, particularly painting. As the subtitle suggests, the works included in this exhibition elicit ideas of travel, sending us on a journey around the world.

Artists: Ansel Adams • Tim Brennan • Edward Burtynsky • Genevieve Cadieux • Ronald Caplan • Gary Castle • Cora Cluett • Alvin Comiter • Lois Conner • Larry Fink • Franco Fontana • Jane Hinton • Thaddeus Holownia • Daniel Kazimierski • Michael Kenna • Sid Kerner • Hiroyuki Masuyama • George E. Naas • Tod Papageorge • Stephen Scott Patterson • Ned Pratt • Steven Shore • Larry Silver • Gary Wilson

Image: Lois Conner, Yuan Ming Yuan, Garden of Perfect Brightness: Changchun Yuan, 1998-2002, Gelatin silver print on Agfa Classic paper, 30/50, 20.1 x 45.4 cm. Gift of Dr. John Krawczyk, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, 2012