Opening reception July 4th, 6pm

Toni Losey, Patterns of Growth
This exhibition is an exploration of form, growth and movement.  Each work represents a pattern of growth loosely based on that found in nature, specifically within our oceans.  The work captures movement both through the suggested intention of progression and through the literal ability to change the orientation of a piece entirely due to its many “legs” in motion.

Loraine Roy, Woven Woods
Woven Woods, is a collection of twelve mandala-like wall hangings, each depicting twelve trees of varying types, seasons and stages of growth, and each portraying a different aspect of their connection with the mycorrhizal net. The circle, which is a shape symbolizing eternity, also happens to be the shape of the earth, a cross section of tree root and even a single spore. The number twelve is significant – as the ‘number of completion’ it is found almost ubiquitously in our measuring and mathematical systems, our measuring of time, and in several key spiritual and astrological concepts. Each mandala encloses the story of a thriving ecosystem, where all individual elements contribute to support the whole.