Born in Ontario, Canada, D’Andrea grew up in the small town of Sharon. In this semi-rural community the legacy of the 1970s – long hair, big cars, loud stereo systems and hard rock on vinyl – still had influence. Sound had weight and dimension; D’Andrea has strong memories of lying on the floor listening to Deep Purple records, feeling the bass in his body and imagining different worlds. As a first generation Canadian, D’Andrea grew up with a father who found for himself what it meant to be Canadian in a big backyard, a canoe, camping trips, rock bands and beer. Since relocating to Hamilton, D’Andrea finds a version of this hard-rocking, working-class Canadiana is a prominent part of the city’s cultural identity which has influenced his work along with the city’s history of manufacturing and its strong DIY and salvaging culture.

Marco D’Andrea, DREAMCAR (Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight), installation,2014