Nanabozho’s Sisters is an exhibition that acknowledges the history of Indigenous women artist’s contribution to the deployment of humour, irony, and satire within the visual arts. Nanabozho is a ‘trickster’ figure in Anishinaabe stories who can transform into any gender or animal form. We often find ourselves laughing at their actions or admiring their bravery. The trickster spirit is released in this exhibition through the artistic strategies of masquerade, mimicry, parody, ironic reversals, comedic scenarios, anachronistic combinations, and satirical creations. Through the trickster spirit all things that seem fixed, accepted, entrenched, held sacred, formalized and organized can be disrupted, scattered, disorganized and transformed.

Image: Rosalie Favell, I awoke to find my spirit had returned, photograph, 1999, image courtesy of the artist.