In The Case Galleries:  This project celebrates and explores identity from an immigrant and migrant women’s perspective. Using art as a tool for community building, the project sought to create an opportunity for immigrant and migrant women, female youth and girls to collaborate. The goal was to create a traveling art exhibit that would enhance their identity, sense of place, belonging and community connection. This multi-media sculptural collaboration is a window into the individual journeys shared by immigrant and migrant women. The artistic journey was led by mixed media artist Miro Davis and anthropologist Maria Jose Yax-Fraser. It began with conversations around identity, community,place and belonging. These topics conceptualized into different forms such as Mandalas of Self, Vessels of Identity, Adorning and Wearing Place, and Community Skins. The materials used in this collaboration are: copper,clay, glass, earthenware, wood, paint and miscellaneous found material.