Opening Reception, May 12th, 5-7:30 pm

The collaborative Toronto duo outline their approach to fusing art, design and craft through multimedia installations.

Last is First explores the hierarchy of artistic disciplines by focusing on the relationships between depictions of objects in paintings and photographs and the physical objects themselves. The ”props“ (a fruit bowl, a rug, a vessel, fabric) typically used in the creation of “higher art“ can be forms of high art in their own right. The work points to the cyclical nature of artistic endeavour as styles influence each other within different disciplines (contemporary art, fashion, and design) and as ideas recycle through history. By playing with the different roles and experiences of a creator, it explores the tension between being both artist and artisan, professional and amateur – a theme continued from Naomi and Heather‘s first collaborative work, Wardens Abroad, which was exhibited in Berlin (2012) and later remounted as part of the exhibition.