This show is a small collection of my recent drawings and bookworks. In my practice I focus on how sequential and visual-verbal art forms can be used (and misused) to create new narrative and poetic structures. These narratives are not so much linear paths as associative clusters; their accumulation is intended to give the viewer an impression of place, timeframe, mindset, and the way these are mediated through the perspective of the narrator. Often my work investigates how a person may be commanded by their environment by examining the agency of place and its potential to powerfully affect temperament and perspective. Drawing from both autobiographical and imagined encounters, I engage with the relationship between material and make-believe worlds to explore how fiction may be used as a mediating point between artist and viewer.

These works are also inspired by the hybrid relationship between contemporary art and the transient products of independent publishing. My approach to art making combines traditional exhibition practices with a DIY ethos, with the aim to explore and challenge the relationship art has to its own precarious definitions. This includes developing intersections between art and conventionally lowbrow forms of popular and ephemeral medias including comics, zines, and amateur video.