Gallery 2
Artist Janso Isso is a Kurdish-Syrian refugee who arrived in Nova
Scotia on November 7, 2016, with his wife, Himo Hussin and their
young daughters, Mavie and Melly. Born in 1974 in Al-Hasakah in
northern Syria, Janso fled war and made his way to Lebanon, where
he and Himo registered as United Nations refugees. Janso worked
throughout Lebanon and Qatar, taking on artistic commissions.
Janso is self-trained, and works in a number of painting styles, from
classical to modern, and in a variety of media, including sculpting,
bas relief, trompe l’oeil, and beautiful and highly intricate decorative
arts. He has received numerous citations for his art from the
ministries of culture in Syria and Lebanon.
Janso and his family have been sponsored by Crichton Park Friends
of Refugees in Dartmouth. Janso has been painting non-stop since
he arrived in Nova Scotia. His work can be seen at