Opening reception Thursday, April 18th, 7-9pm
Exhibition catalogue release May 6th

An interlude—in Spanish interludio—makes space for a break, a brief respite before resuming. Featured artists Marshal Borland, Emily Clark, Charlotte May Hobden, Bailey MacPhee, Donald Tyler Moss, Drew Pardy, Matthew Parsons, Kathryn Emma Shave, Kelsey Street, and Faune Ybarra are asking for, at times even insisting upon, a pause to consider possibilities. They are urging us to consider latent potentials for change and shifting perceptions of self, both individually and in relation to histories, larger systems, and current challenging realities. This annual exhibition offers the opportunity to engage directly with the work of Grenfell students who are graduating and cultivate an understanding of their varied ambitions, concerns, and ideas while providing insights into the future.