Beyond the North, curated by Julie Forgues, is a follow-up exhibition to Away Finding presented in the Spring of 2017 at the Muldy Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, with Adam Fung as curator. This exhibition came out of The Arctic Circle, an artist residency held aboard a vessel travelling to the Arctic Circle, of June 2016. The premises of the residency revolved around the ideas of collecting data in an unfamiliar territory in a roaming studio. During the expedition, all artists were navigating the contrasts of the direct and lived experience. The end results of these experiences were images, memories, art works, emotions… Beyond the North engages with these paths with the works of 20 artists who’s processes, and works have continued evolving since. The show is therefore a mixture of works deriving from different disciplines such as visual arts, poetry, literature, music, and science, all with conclusions of the collective experiences. The diversity of responses in the exhibition will include a range of media such as means of documentation (photography, journaling, song writing, sketching); work created on the expedition and post expedition and work created with specific research and pre/post-trip parameters.