Belonging(s) is a month-long duo exhibition and series of public events by Toronto-based artists Lisa Smolkin and Neil LaPierre, scheduled to take place at the Khyber Centre for the Arts over August-September 2018. The title of this project connects misattuned themes, i.e. belonging as in being a part of a group (or not) vs. belongings as in what can be obtained through online shopping. Belongings, or the acquisition of them can be the balm to feelings of not belonging or actually not belonging.

Through two new video installations, a collaborative audio piece, three public performances, artist talk and workshop, Belonging(s) engages with a Nova Scotian audience using comedy and art to explore human emotional pain, how one consoles or compensates. In addition, an essay component written by Amy Lam and Jon Pham McCurley (Life of A Craphead) will accompany the exhibition, and local artist and comedian Cheryl Hann will join for one performance.