Artist Talk & House Tour: Sunday, May 26 @ 3PM at 15409 C Cabot Trail
Artist Talk & Reception: Wednesday, May 29 @ 6PM at Eyelevel
Video Documentation: May 30 – June 15, 2019 at Eyelevel

BEFORE DEMOLITION: TIDES invites us to explore the hidden history of an abandoned house in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. Artist Emily Neufeld creates an installation from the former home of Cheticamp fisherman as part of her growing series BEFORE DEMOLITION. Neufeld investigates the dialogue between the materials she uses and the spaces she creates, uncovering the unintentional domestic archives left in the spaces we live in, and exploring the loss of land, home and belonging. Neufeld’s work begs the question: Can a space ever be empty? What fills the spaces between the walls? Where does the content of a house end? At the doorway? In the yard? In the land itself? Do some spaces look in while others look out?